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Newborn Session Information:



 Here are some frequently asked questions for newborn sessions



Where are the sessions held?


- I have a space in my home for newborn sessions. I prefer to work from home so I can have everything prepped before you arrive. This also insures that I can give you the best images possible by controlling the lighting and environment. It also prevents you from the feeling the need to clean. 



How do you photograph my baby?


-I photograph your baby nude so you can remember all of your child’s details (babies change so quickly!). The studio will be hot to keep him/her comfortable. Accidents happen and are expected, so please do not be concerned when they go to the bathroom. I am prepared and it will not be the first or last time! Your child’s safety and comfort are my number one priority.



When should I schedule my session?

While you are pregnant! During my busy session (May-October), please let me know your due date at least a month or two in advance. Some clients schedule at the very beginning of their second trimester, which is a great way to ensure their spot. After your baby arrives, please contact me so we can schedule.

How do I schedule?

You let me know your due date and  pay your deposit. After that, your due date will be reserved and you can focus on your pregnancy and delivery!


When does the session take place?

I photograph babies in the first 2 weeks. 6-14days in preferable for the sleepy, baby images. In the first 6-14 days, feeding is usually established, but they are still very sleepy. They are also very flexible from being in the womb for 9 months. However I understand bringing home a new baby is overwhelming, so I am flexible.

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